All items in Pre-order are not currently in stock! They will ship when YOUR ENTIRE ORDER IS AVAILABLE! As a smaller "mom and pop" retailer, we receive items later than most "big" chain stores. Your item will arrive it just may take some time. NO DATES ARE GUARANTEED. Manufacturers can and will change or cancel releases at any time! In the event that an item is cancelled you will be refunded and notified. Otherwise sit tight! Your order is coming!


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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I Pre-Ordered something, Why am I paying now?

A. All Pre-orders have been ordered from the manufacturer, we are awaiting shipment of these items. The payment processor does not allow us to place a hold on a card until shipment, so if you want to reserve your item, you have to pay in advance.

Q: I placed my order Eons ago, when will my order arrive?

A: If you have not received tracking information, we have not received the product(s) you have ordered. We will ship your entire order once we have all parts and pieces of it. We reserve the right to ship items together unless your order qualified for "free shipping" and you chose to have your order shipped in separate shipments. Sit tight, your order is coming!

Q: I ordered in-stock items with my pre-order, when will I get these items?

A: If your order qualified for free shipping, your in-stock items will be shipped within 4 business days. If you paid for shipping based on weight and location, these items will be held for you until your order is complete. We suggest you do not order in-stock items with your pre-orders unless you are going to meet the current free shipping threshold.