POP! TV Teen Titans Go! Cyborg with Glow Axe (Toys R Us) Exclusive Vinyl Figure # 609

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The Night Begins to Shine from Teen Titans Go! is now part of Pop!
The Teen Titans Go! original song is lip-synced by Cyborg, and the episode features some of your favorite Teen Titans Go! characters in 80s-inspired looks.
Add this Glow Axe version of Cyborg to your Pop! collection alongside:
Beast Boy, Bear, Blackfire. Raven, Jinx, Killer Moth, Mammoth, Robin, Rose Wilson, Starfire and Terra (all sold separately).

Don't miss out on this amazing Toys R Us exclusive!

  • Toys R Us Exclusive Release
  • Features glow-in-the dark axe
  • Height:stands 3 ¾ inches tall