Single Pop Mystery Box- Chance of Headless Ned Stark!! READ DESCRIPTION

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I’m sure you’ve read these rules before....Please read them again! 



1) Don't participate if you don't want any of the Pops listed. The ODDS are NOT in your favor. Only 41 people out of 200 will win a valuable Pop. The rest will get a common Pop. 

2) Your box is guaranteed to contain 1 Pop!. Not 1 Pop! that is listed on PPG for a certain amount of money. This isn't a PPG value sale, it's a mystery sale. Common Pops have to be included in order to make this sale viable. 

3) You might not get the Pop you want. I'm sorry. But please don't hurt anyone because you didn't. Understand the risk vs. reward.

4). There are 200 spots in this mystery sale. This is because Ned’s value is so high and we need to make up the difference by selling 200! 

5) ONLY buy 1 box at a time!! If you want multiple mystery boxes, that's great but you need to do separate transactions. Your order will be canceled and refunded if you purchase more than 1 on the same transaction. Our other mystery boxes are not part of this deal. We pre-box all of the pops in the sale and have our children put the shipping labels on the boxes so we have no idea who wins until you tell us!  

6) Don't buy a Pop protector! Ned will ship in Pop Stack! No need to buy one. Anything of value chases and exclusives will ship in a soft protector.

7) Once all labels are purchased and put on the boxes, we will find the "heavy" box and check to see if Ned is in there. If it is,  a new label will be purchased with insurance! label will be voided and repurchased at a priority shipping to ensure a safe delivery. 

8) It is completely random. The Pop!s are placed in 200 8x6x4 boxes and taped up before any shipping labels are printed. Like we said before, to avoid any unfair practices our children put the shipping labels on the boxes they don’t know anyone they have no bias towards frequent shoppers or new shoppers it is completely random.

The shipping labels are all printed at once and then randomly placed on each box. Other Pops that are in the mystery sale are recent Pop! releases!


This mystery sale includes:

30 chases including but not limited to those shown in pictures.

169 common/store exclusive pops with values up to $30 including but not limited to:

Notorious BIG, lion king, dragon ball z, south park, shape of water, fortnite, Nickelodeon, Doug, game of thrones, Alice cooper, httyd 3, Rick and morty, Aladdin, Voltron, kingdom hearts, Disney princesses, specialty series. Star Wars, the walking dead, captain marvel 

1 Headless Ned comic con pop (see pictures for box condition 8-9/10 in a pop stack

for a total of 200 pops

Discounts from emails and or groups will be honored  if entered during checkout. 

*we have this item listed at the highest possible weight for first class shipping do not be alarmed at this pricing we do not profit from shipping costs and are located in California where shipping is often more expensive. 

**If we do not sell all 200 boxes by April 25th 2019 we reserve the right to end the contest and ship what has been sold changing the odds in your favor. Ned will always be part of the contest even if only 5 are sold.

  Please understand this item is exempt from all returns and claims for damage caused by shipping carriers. If you chose to purchase priority shipping we will assist with claims if necessary. First class shipping has no insurance. 

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