Tales of an online Funko Merchant... part one, or something....

Tales of an online Funko Merchant... part one, or something....

It's Tuesday, approximately 11 am and I am tired. Not the kind of tired that keeps your mind from working, but the kind of tired that makes you want to close your eyes and daydream the rest of the day away. I can't do that. I own a store.

I'll be honest, its not the most successful, or well known online store out there but one that has been around for a while. The longevity should mean something, but the others have more capital, more employees, maybe even marketing teams, or just more time, and I'm tired. I own a store.

I'm a mom. I have 2 kids, both over the age of 12 and one of them stayed home from school today., Sick, she says, and I can hear the sniffles and the feel the slight raise in temperature on her forehead but I'm still not sure if it was just a ploy to stay home. My husband went off to work this morning and I have been working my "real", corporate job from home for the past few hours, which can be mentally exhausting. I wanna take a break and watch meaningless television shows but I have to complete my workday.  I own a store. 

Most of my customers come from Facebook. The Shopify API or something technical like that, tells me that most of your online referrals come from Facebook. I try to remain active in the collector community and I see some success from this, and  enjoy meeting so many collectors. However, there can also be a lot of headache. I can't trade anything or up-sell anything as easily as most people can, despite being trusted. I own a store. 

What does that even mean? Sure, I buy most of my product directly from the manufacturer or in the case of some brands, directly from the licensed US wholesale company, and that means I "get a deal." I also have to buy in quantity so I, more than anyone have to sell what I have on-hand. Why does this make my sale post any less respected as someone who purchased the same item from Wal-mart or Amazon. Heck, some of the product you think you get from Amazon, came form my inventory first. On top of that, why does that make my product less valuable? Is it because of what I paid for it? Why do so many consumers prefer to purchase the same items from Amazon or Ebay instead of directly from the Seller? I'm the same person, its the same item, only now, I have to pay Amazon, etc... fees.  I certainly cannot answer that question. I own a store.

The clock keeps ticking and I have to snap back to reality (oh. there goes gravity?) The new inventory has to be scanned, advertisements have to be made, sick children have to be checked on. I am still tired. I own a store.